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books for strong citizens

Thoughtful books on freedom and virtue. Click here for a list.

books my teens have loved

These are the books that have deeply moved my teenagers, forcing them to reflect and contemplate. It's not the standard high school lit class syllabus; these are great books that have done profound things for my teenagers.


If you follow my blog, you'll know what this is about!  My dear friend, Cathleen, is a celebrated hair and make-up artist who also happens to be a mom.  Her picks are easy, inexpensive, and make you feel great.

books my girls have loved

Girls are often eager readers-- sometimes a little too eager.  This beautiful, thoughtful list will point young ladies to inspiring literature.

books my toddlers have loved

Click here for a list of books that keep toddlers on your lap, and give them a taste for great literature.

books my boys have loved

Books that can capture a boy's attention are rare finds. This is my sure-fire list of books to engage even the most reluctant male reader.

books for your strong happy family

Click here for a list of books that have lightened my load.

resources for your strong happy family