A disturbing thing happened at church.

For the last several decades, kids have not been taught very much in Sunday school. Many Christian educators decided that to keep kids interested in coming to church, Sunday school had to be fun, fun, fun—with just a dash of content. Bible stories were dumbed-down, removed from their historical context, and spoon-fed to kids. Memory work was spurned, theology-laden hymns were jettisoned and maps were thrown in the dumpster. Children from faithful Christian families spent their Sunday mornings coloring arks, gluing cotton balls on Passover lambs, and reflecting on how they felt about Bible stories.

And a curious thing happened: Kids got bored of fun. Which meant they got bored of church. And they walked away. The second they left home, they left the church, and most of them haven’t returned.

Classical Sunday School reverses that trend.

Classical Sunday School is a content-laden curriculum that respects kids' intellects. We don't "try to make the Bible interesting," because we believe the Bible is interesting.

There are three major premises of Classical Sunday School: 
1) The Bible is a great book.

We really mean that. It’s filled with heroes, villains, seductresses, world empires, grandeur, grossness, plot twists and an ending that will blow you away. 
2) Kids would love to learn what’s in the Bible.

They would love it so much, that they’d actually put effort into mastering it, if anybody would respect them enough to teach them. 
3) The proven Classical Method is the best way to teach kids the amazing content of the Bible. 

Read on to learn more about the Classical Method and the inexpensive, stream-lined Classical Sunday School Curriculum.

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