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New Testament lessons present memory work based on the New Testament and introduce Biblical Greek.

Old Testament lessons feature a memory passage, maps, timeline, related stories and Bible facts all taken from the Old Testament, plus an introduction to Biblical Hebrew.‚Äč

In addition to teaching tips and background information, the TEACHER'S MANUAL compiles all twelve cycles.

Each of the six FAMILY DRILL BOOKS features twelve lessons from the Old Testament, followed by twelve lessons from the New Testament, plus a Mastery Review of all twenty-four weeks in that book. 

The TEACHER'S MANUAL contains all of the pages from all six  FAMILY DRILL BOOKS, plus a wealth of supplemental material. 

The two MASTERY REVIEWS at the end of each FAMILY DRILL BOOK allow you to easily refresh all the lessons in the book.

Sunday School Curriculum, Bible Studies, Parenting and Homemaking Advice

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