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The Bible’s Feasts is an engaging summary of the Bible’s unfolding narrative of redemption viewed through the lens of Israel’s Feasts. Since these seven Feasts construct a framework for understanding all of redemptive history, they provide a perfect approach to understanding the Scriptures so compelling is remarkable: The Messiah’s death, burial and resurrection are depicted clearly in the Feasts themselves, and each event actually occurred on the day of the Feast which predicted it! 

The Bible’s Feasts is part of the “Theology for Novices Series.” These books were designed for readers (pre-teen, teen, and post-teen!) who crave serious, jargon-free explanations of big theological ideas. The books in this series speak clearly, narrate well, and engage the reader in topics normally found only in scholarly tomes.

Do you ever wonder about the feasts in the bible?

why young people should study the bible's feasts

Why is Passover so important, and why do so many Christians now celebrate it?

Are there clues for finding the Messiah in the Old Testament’s Feasts?

How are Easter and the Bible’s Feasts connected?

Are there secrets in the Bible hidden in the Feasts of Passover, Unleavened Bread, Firstfruits, Pentecost, Trumpets, Yom Kippur and Tabernacles?

Do these Feasts predict events in the future?

How can knowing these answers help me right now?

Teenagers, youth groups, homeschoolers, and adults are all finding the answers to these and other fascinating mysteries in this highly acclaimed book. Endorsed by Erwin Lutzer, Mitch Glaser, Kelly Monroe Kullberg, Sarah Flashing, Margaret Nyman and others, The Bible’s Feasts will unearth the secret treasures buried in the pages of the Bible.